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If you are not focusing on your nutrition throughout I BUILT ME, you will be leaving results on the table. I BUILT ME has teamed up with a Registered Dietitian, Emma Backes, to make sure all of your health goals can be met. Emma will provide a custom meal plan tailored specifically to your needs and goals throughout the program. The I BUILT ME Meal Plan Upgrade will include specific meals and foods to eat, as well as guidance on how to fuel your body properly in the future. 


What will be included in your I BUILT ME Meal Plan Upgrade?

- 40 minute session with Emma

- Custom meal plan

- Custom calorie and macronutrient goals

- Custom recipes that fit your meals and macros


I BUILT ME Meal Plan Upgrade Directions:

In order to receive a custom meal plan, you must follow these simple steps:

- Purchase your 8 or 12 week Build by Studee exercise program.

- Fill out the Google form (QR code in digital PDF).

- Sign up for your introduction meeting to get your meal plan. (Emma will email you a schedule link after you answer the form).

- If you fail to do this, I have no way of helping you out. No refunds are available.

  • Any services, advice or information provided by byStudee, LLC is not medical advice. Everyone who participates should consult their own physician or qualified health professional for any matters relating to your health. Use of any services, advice or information provided by this company is strictly at your own risk. You should not participate if your doctor or qualified medical professional has instructed you not to participate. byStudee, LLC will not assume any liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may result including, but not limited to, economic loss, injury, illness or death. All information on this site and any documents provided to you by byStudee, LLC are the intellectual property of byStudee, LLC and are not to be copied, sold or redistributed without the written consent of byStudee, LLC.

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